Sharp minds create the future at Ideon Science Park

Ideon has 35 years of history of helping companies grow and 400 companies are located here with 9 000 energetic entrepreneurs.

By renting office space at Ideon you get access to a great innovation ecosystem and get a quality stamp on your brand. Ideon Science Park offers business development for growing companies from a budding idea to international expansion.

Ideon Science Park not only attracts competent individuals. Companies like Bosch, Sony, Ericsson, Volvo, Huawei, ARM and Schneider Electric have R&D departments or offices at Ideon, to benefit from the mix of competences when developing the future.

The companies at Ideon develop the future within four focus areas; Smart Cities, Future Transportation, Healthtech and Smart Material. The science park is also open to find new solutions and innovations across the areas, in Open Innovation style.

Ideon is a member of IASP, the International Association of Science Parks and as such, they offer soft landing in potential new markets. In turn, Ideon offers the same to companies interested in establishing themselves in Sweden.

Ideon is home to over 9 000 sharp minds and have a close collaboration with Lund University. One of the collaborations is called MatchIT, where they create tailor made courses within programming and Ideon find internships at the science park companies.

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