Medicon Village turns science into business

Against the backdrop of the greatest challenges in health management, with an increasingly older population, rising cancer rates and limited resources, calls for cross-border collaboration in life science are increasing.

New ideas spur, not only when business meets science and healthcare, but also when these players are brought together from different fields of expertise. And in the innovations system at Medicon Village Science Park, the ideas lead to more efficient methods or products for people´s health and wellbeing.

At Medicon Village Science Park players are brought together into a triple-helix structure, leading to commercialization of better prevention, diagnostics, treatment and care. Today the science park house 1600 persons in more than 120 organisations working in pharma, medtech, biotech, nano- and e-health. Medicon Village is owned by the Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation, and societal development. The Foundation’s profits are reinvested into research and innovation.

The members of the Medicon Village Science Park ecosystem speed the transition of promising new life science discoveries from idea to market. From start-up to scale-up. Medicon Village is a venue for growth through exchange of ideas and collaborations, hosting a large number of life science events and encouraging networking initiatives.

At Medicon Village, small companies benefit from the advantages usually reserved for large companies - there are laboratories such as cell labs and advanced instrumentation labs, that make it possible for a start-up company in life sciences to launch their business without costly investments in premises and instruments.

So far, more than 50 research and development companies in the area of medical technology and biotechnology have taken up residence. Companies such as SenzaGen, Alligator Bioscience, Immunovia, Idogen and Xintela are represented. Many of the start-up companies at Medicon Village Science Park start at the SmiLe Incubator.

The innovation system at Medicon Village fosters a creative approach to solving some of today’s hardest health problems, by bringing together renowned researchers, vibrant life science companies and healthcare. And the reputation for innovation has already been cemented through some seriously smart findings.

Innovations like a test facilitating individualized cancer treatment stem from Lund University professor and entrepreneur Carl Borrebaeck and his team, seated at Medicon Village. Their close collaboration with clinicians has led to vast opportunities swiftly implementing new findings into healthcare, to benefit cancer patients.

Other innovations lead to listings on the stock exchange. Today 19 companies at Medicon Village are listed, such as Alligator Bioscience, Immunovia, CombiGen and Respiratorius. Alligator Bioscience’s antibody, ADC-1013, that activates the immune system to attack tumours, landed the company a 700 million dollar license agreement with Janssen Biotech a subsidiary to Johnson and Johnson. Immunovia, with their antibody detecting technology platform, IMMrayTM, could have huge ramification for patients’ survival of pancreatic cancer, helping increase survival rates from 3-5% to 50-60%. Lund University researchers lies behind the platform, and they started commercializing their idea with support from SmiLe Incubator, an important part of the innovation system, which Medicon Village supports with e g laboratory equipment.

Residing at Medicon Village is a boon to the members, cutting the distance between leading educational and healthcare institutions, equipped life science laboratories and nearly 70 CRO-companies and consultants with life science expertise. Many of them reside in the B2B building at Medicon Village. And they can all easily meet.

The many in house events are paving the way for members to have informal and formal chats to share knowledge. Events, like Focus on Cancer Collaboration´s dialogue forums allowed companies to reach out with questions to adequate researchers to discuss solutions to company challenges. Also the coffee machines in the midst of the bustling buildings, allow chats over a cup of coffee – chats sometimes leading to partnerships.

At Medicon Village, each step from idea to commercialization and growth is developed with support from SmiLe Incubator or in the community at Medicon Village.Offering a meeting plot with open events, matchmaking, instruments and support, Medicon Village is an arena for growth. By sharing and leveraging resources and knowledge, the tightly-knit science park equips small companies with the benefits of the big.

The innovation system at Medicon Village Science Park increasingly boosts an innovative culture where entrepreneurs, renowned academics and clinicians are brought together to bring safe and effective products and services in prevention, diagnostics and treatment to market. That will tackle serious health problems, translating discovery and need into clinical use or prevention, and create values for people´s health and wellbeing.


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